Maquettes & Prototyping

Creating products, characters and any type of model you had imagined, it is now possible to make it happen in just a few hours. This equipment is a top notch prototyping technology, it is only necessary to have a three-dimensional digital model to quickly print a colorful prototype for which you do not have to have the digital model, we'll help you digitalize your imagination.


3D printing is an inkjet system. This technology is the only one that allows printing the prototypes in full color. It is also known as the fastest technique. As the fastest, more accessible, full color system in the market today it is standard for international use. Our equipment adjusts to the variety of our client needs from the University teaching to the most demanding business environments. We offer variety of finishes and materials according to the product or project to be developed.

* 5x10 faster than any other technology

* Multiple output designs in hours

* Creation of multiple models at the same time

* Support of an entire and trained creative department

* Production of realistic models without paint

* Evaluation of aspect and style of the product designs

* 3D text printed labels, logos, design or image feedback directly on the model.

* Multiple print heads to offer the best range of colors, accuracy and consistency.

* Full 24-bit color, like a 2D printer. Produce millions of different colors

* High-definition 3D printer, producing small and with complex geometry models

* Prints out the complex details in 3D, such as a wall from a mechanical prototype or a detail in an architectural model/p>

Users and Applications

Applications include visual of industrial designs, prototyping / CAD, metal foundry, architecture, education, geospatial, health, entertaining and more. Other applications could include the reconstruction of paleontology fossils, replication of ancient objects of incalculable value for archeology, reconstruction of bones and body parts in forensic pathology and rebuilding badly damaged evidence acquired from investigations of the crime scene. More recently, the use of 3D printing technology for artistic expression becomes important because you can print cartoon characters, toys and merchandising of all types for future sale. Artists have been using 3D printer in various ways, like in the application of model studies of characters in a production, film props, prosthetics, fx make up, etc. Printing technology is currently being studied by biotechnology companies and academia for possible use in tissue engineering applications in body parts and organs, constructed with inkjet techniques, organ printing, bio-printing and computer-aided engineering of tissues, among others. The use of 3D scanning technologies allow the reproduction of real objects without using molding techniques, which in most cases may be more expensive, more difficult, or too invasive to be done, especially with precious or delicate cultural heritage artifacts. In the design field has a myriad of uses from a scale design of contemporary furniture, fashion accessories and clothing, tableware, architectural models, product design, corporate presentations, etc.


You can print on a variety of materials such as rigid, soft, extra white, casting non-ferrous materials, etc.

Printing Specifications

It is necessary to prepare the 3D model so it can be printed, you must always have a model without holes or openings in geometry, must be fully welded, if required a gap model it is necessary that the model has the required thickness in the final prototype, shall have no normal or inverted triangles spliced, should be in STL format should have no color, if color printing is required it must be WRML formats, VRML, VRL.


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