We offer creative and technological capabilities to develop any type of animation project from a commercial, promotional, video clips, etc... to the production of animated series and feature films.


Software: Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Softimage, Autodesk motionbuilder, Autodesk Mudbox, Pixologic Z-brush, Adobe CS, Among otheres…

Hardware: 50 Workstations Dual Xeon Quad core, 8 GB Ram , Quadro FX video cards, 30” monitors, 13 Wacom Cintiqs 21UX, 35 Wacom Intuos 4 Large, + 450 cores processing, 32 Motion Capture Vicon System, etc.

Character Design

The character design is a critical stage in the development of any animation project, this stage helps define the process to a good animation, from crafting each design's personality to deciding an according voice that is appealing and forms a sense of unity with the design.

3D Animation

2D Animation

Cartoons are created by drawing each frame according to the needs of the project, ranging from 6 to 72 frames per second depending the necessary detail in the animation, this with the use of different software and use of graphic tablets (Wacom Intuos, Cintiqs).

3D Animation

The production of short films, feature films, animated series, commercials and corporate videos are just some of the services offered within the production portfolio of the study, we offer the ability to generate any animated project in co production or production, at a global standard quality, we have the infrastructure and talent needed to meet your requirements on every project.


Pre-visualization is the technique that tries to visualize the scenes of a movie before filming. This greatly helps improve the interpretation of a storyboard, by seeing the timing and camera actions, thus giving a better idea of everything that would be needed in production. Most professionals use this resource to plan their needs before filming. Previz mimics the physical production process in a 3D virtual space. The advantage of pre-visualization is that it allows managers to experiment with different options for staging and art direction - such as lighting, camera placement and movement, stage direction and editing - without having to incur the real production costs.

Concept Art

We offer you high talented artists with whom you can work together to design and conceptualize environments, characters, creatures, scenes, matte paintings and so on. So you will see beyond the original concept, without having a vision of color, textures, finishes etc.


Our artists will help you translate your script in basic illustrations or as complex as required to assemble your layout or production and provide all the tools at your fingertips for a proper production booklet.

Costs & Quotations

You can send the project's information with the number of scenes and description of each, in order to make a more accurate quotation, this should include any necessary and relevant information for the production.

You can request a quote by sending the information via mail to or call our office for any inquire:

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