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We offer the most complete equipment of Motion Capture in Latin America, with a 32 camera Academy Award winner Vicon system, in an area where you can from jumping and simulating a mythic war, flying through the air, imitating a fantastic creature, to capturing animals and vehicles of any size. Tool used for film productions, TV commercials, music videos and video games worldwide.

Users and Applications

Entertainment: production of video games, film and television, animated TV series, full CG animated feature films, visual effects and replacement of actors, realistic animation and fictional creatures. Science and medicine: analysis of results, product testing, laboratory research centers, physical and motor performance, biomechanical and ergonomic studies, simulations of use, among others.


Our studio with a 32-camera Motion Capture Academy Award winner Vicon system will make your project attain an advantage in time and quality in any project, achieving a higher realism in the characters and productions. As the motion capture system more complete in Latin America, we look forward to provide the solution to any studio, producer or director, for them to be able to offer its customers the best technology available in the market. We have the versatility to manufacture and provide specialized props for each project whether it is big or small. The capture is filtered in "Blade", a Vicon Motion Capture software, which filters and processes the movements of actors achieving greater quality compared to any other capture system on the market, lowering cleaning costs You have the ability to see through a virtual camera, the motion capture data as any director would see it, making use of this element, you can reproduce the desired look, you'll see in real time the actions of actors applied to digital characters.


Using vanguard technology, we offer a motion capture system capable of capturing without boundaries to your specific needs, from a few simultaneous actors, props to complete facial /hands performance capture. More than being just a service provider, we help you develop and manage correctly each of your projects, based in an case to case efficient production pipeline. You do not have to have any motion capture experience, you only have to plan correctly your production on how you want your movements to turn out, we will help you in pre production meetings to time correctly and make sure you understand everything. Pre Production Project planning We offer a step by step guide for the creation of a Shot list to administer the production in the studio. Talent Search We help you find: Actors, athletes, animals, children, choreographers, martial artists, stunt artist, among others to fulfill your needs. We will help you find in any part of the world the ideal talent for your project. Prop creation We can create any type of required element for your production: weapons, sporting equipment, vehicles, wire items and structures like ladders, ramps and doors. Motion Capture preparation for real time preview You will be able to see in real time the motion capture data of your character to have a better understanding of the final outcome you will be getting. For this, we will ask you the needed information to have it ready for the production. Remote In case that you have it impossible to assist to the production, you can send us a video with the motions you require and our production department will capture the motions with the talent that you choose. You will even be able to manage the takes remotely via video conference and our motion capture team will help you guide everything to your needs. Video Reference If you require video or audio reference, we can deliver HD reference material with time codes. Sports We can capture athletes in different disciplines, whether they are martial artists or baseball players, with props including balls, bats gloves or any sport equipment. Props and Environments We can capture more than just the actors, we can capture the elements they interact with, like doors, ladders, weapons, tools, vehicles, computers, chairs, balls, ropes, etc. Animals It is possible to capture a wide variety of animals for example: horses, camels, snakes, dogs, cats, etc. The advantage is that we can move the whole motion capture system to suit your needs. Stunts We will deliver the captured sequences of the stunt artist, whether they are falls, fight sequences, crashes, explosions, etc, for you to choose the appropriate motion for each purpose. Post Production Data Cleanup If you have worked with Motion Capture Data, you know that the capture is just the initial step of the process. Our Data Cleanup team will use the necessary tools to obtain the cleanest Data and delivering the best quality in spite of the complexity of the scene. Retargeting We are going to save you the hassle of cleaning the movement of your talent at a character level. Not only do we assure that the digital actor is perfect, we re-target the motion directly to your character to guarantee the accuracy and reduce the interpenetration as best as possible regarding the proportions. Motion Editing We live in a dynamic constant changing world. Your animation can change too. If you need to change the timing of each of the actions, time adjustments, time distortion, the modification of the visual line, props interaction or any type of time modification. Looping and Blending Especially useful for games and simulations, we edit motion sequences for loops and mixes for other sequences of the personalized animations. Keyframing Our animator will go beyond the motion capture data to give life and add further personality to each character, including any elements not captured like wings, facial animation, hand expression, accessories, among others. Delivery We deliver the final data in the format of your choice, ready to be used in the major 3d apps.

Mocap Services

Full Body Motion Capture In full body motion capture it is possible to capture from one to ten actors simultaneously using specialized marked suits. The Motion Capture System offers the talent absolute freedom of movement since there is nothing attached to him. Facial Motion Capture Facial Motion Capture recreates the actions and gesticulations performed by the talent with the use of micro markers( generally 30-50) strategically attached to the face of the actor. The micro markers will help recognize and capture even the most subtle changes of emotion reflected in the face. The animation obtained by this way is distinguished by its realism and its productions takes far less time than the traditional keyframing animation. Hands Motion Capture For a precise animation of hands and fingers ( for example to play the piano) we recommend the capture of independent movements and full marked gloves. Props Motion Capture Simultaneously with the capture of the talent, it is possible to capture the movement of props, even the interaction of various elements in the same scene.(Like swords, musical instruments, laptops, etc.) Animals Motion Capture The motion capture of animals will help you capture every little nuance and details you want to portray in every animation, whether they are quadrupeds, bipeds or crawlers. Always that you want to capture animals, it is important to know exactly what you want and prepare the animals to the actions you want to capture. It is also advisable to record video reference to give a better understanding to the animators.


Pay attention to the preparation of the motion capture shoot/session. If for any reason you will not be able to attend the session, prepare a list of movements and actions and describe as detailed as possible all of your animation needs explaining the result expected. Provide the naming convention for the animation files. Provide the delivery date for the final files, filetypes (FBX, C3D, BVH, CSM, etc..) Make a list of all of the accessories you plan to use, along with any relevant information. Give detailed descriptions of the animations to the talent so that they can rehears and practice the require motions. This will help optimize and bring you the quality you expect in a more reasonable time. When provided the models, you can watch the capture in real time. While this is not necessary it can present a great opportunity to better visualize what will be the final animation. This is also very useful when your character has different proportions than your talent, giving you a more exact preview. It is advisable to have the producer and / or the animation director to help guide the capture and be able to see the DATA and make any modifications. It is also very helpful for the animators to have time coded video reference of the capture.

Costs $ Quotations

You can send the project's information with the number of scenes and description of each, in order to make a more accurate quotation, this should include any necessary and relevant information for the production.

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